Author: Sherrie McKnight

Sherrie McKnight became passionate about the Second Amendment during the Obama Administration’s swift actions to implement gun control. Pursuing freedom, she started Big Daddy Guns with her husband, Tony. Since then, they have launched Big Daddy Unlimited, an online retailer. Today, the brand now boasts four locations and 40,000 members nationwide. As the Chief Evangelist, Sherrie has created a real, relatable, and relational culture within the Second Amendment industry. The Big Daddy brand is one of the largest firearms retailers in Florida, and the largest woman-owned in the state.

I want to sincerely thank the Florida legislature for passing Permitless Concealed Carry. This measure is long overdue, but I am still proud of this large advancement for our rights!  

We also have to thank Governor Ron DeSantis and his team for inviting us to such a momentous occasion. Attending the signing for this significant piece of legislation was an incredible experience for me!

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