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Big Daddy Unlimited co-founder and Second Amendment advocate, Sherrie McKnight, joins Cam to talk about the push for permitless carry in Florida and what she expects to see once the state no longer requires legal gun owners to get a state-issued permission slip before they can lawfully bear arms.

I want to sincerely thank the Florida legislature for passing Permitless Concealed Carry. This measure is long overdue, but I am still proud of this large advancement for our rights!  

We also have to thank Governor Ron DeSantis and his team for inviting us to such a momentous occasion. Attending the signing for this significant piece of legislation was an incredible experience for me!

On March 21st, 2023, two Big Daddy Guns locations – Gainesville,
FL and Ocala, FL – filed for chapter 11 reorganization. However, those stores are operating as
usual and will continue to provide the best service for our customers. It is our utmost priority to continue to honor customer’s orders and remain a strong partner in our communities. We 
kindly appreciate your support as we resolve this.

GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) – The Alachua County Moms Demand Action (ACMDA) group met to prepare for advocacy day in Tallahassee, where they plan to speak with lawmakers about the permitless carry bill.

House Bill 543 would allow people to carry concealed guns without a state license, background check, or training. They would still need a valid ID when carrying the gun.

I was recently quoted in the Palm Beach Post as insinuating that the permitless carry bills do “a poor job of promoting more gun sales.”

Unfortunately for the columnist, my direct quote was, “Our organization has the vision of normalizing and destigmatizing firearms and the gun-buying process.” These are two radically different statements.